To promote the creation of an outsourced, innovative and dedicated television service, within the hospital wards, which is cost-free for the host structure.
MediaLife System is a turnkey project that ensures maximum performance and no involvement of health staff: a team of our experts will personally and directly take charge of the development ,the installation and the maintenance of the system, with a service centre available 24 hours a day.
Our system allows, throughout the use of our televisions, to offer patients a wide choice of programs (free-to-air channels, digital terrestrial, satellite and pay TV) and, for the hospital, the possibility of disseminating news and information, training, and advertising content in both wards and public areas, thereby providing an information network capable of generating, transmitting and managing specified schedules.

In this manner, the patients' feeling of isolation is reduced, the quality of time perceived increases and the patients are given a window to the world.



Hospitals are being transformed into health centres and are not only rapidly evolving but strongly competing against one another. Having a a modern hospital service that offers top-quality entertainment is a key advantage.
Increase in the level of the patients' welfare is evident: it keeps them informed and distracts them from their problem. The nursing staff using our channels can make better use of time, offering an efficient and timely service. The projects are tailored to best serve a specific type of structure and, thanks to the experience of our highly-trained personnel, the patient rooms are designed to operate in very delicate environments such as that of the hospital.



We only use state-of-the-art technological products to offer the best quality service available on the market.

We have an excellent business relationship with the current leading Italian news and entertainment providers (Sky and Mediaset) but we're always ready to recognize quality products and services that the evolving market offers.

The industry professionals are numerous and very competitive. We are able to constantly offer the best service by selecting the most suitable partners for your services.