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Exclusive System Method.


> Thanks to the use of the most innovative technology: RAPID INSTALLATION without EXTERNAL DUCTING IN THE HOSPITAL ROOMS.

> No masonry work is required for installation (1 or 2 TV units are installed in less than an hour). Possibility of managing and modifying existing systems.

> No involvement of internal staff;

> WEB Management with the innovative system allowing total autonomy (for patients and / or relatives) by clicking the link to our website and accessing the following services:

  • TV activation service in one's own room; *
  • Wi-Fi activation service; *
  • Re-directing the activated TV service to new destination (if room assignment is changed);
  • Communication (e-mail / chat) with our support centre.
*services payable by credit card.


> 24 hour automated points of sale for simple, self-activation within the Health Facilities.

> Tailoring and daily updating of information that the Health Facility wishes to communicate to its guests.


> Possibility of broadcasting social sensitization content in specific hospital wards (fight against smoking, therapies and rules of conduct following post-hospitalization, videos produced by non profit associations, courses on first aid, infant unblocking maneuvers etc.).

> Possibility of associating advertising banners to promote the Health Facility services.

> System evolution and implementation of additional services to users and to the Health Facility.

wifi> WI-FI Service
The steadily growing use of smartphones, tablets and ultra-light laptops, have led to an increasing number of clients that travel with their "Internet devices". Further to a "small" payment (that varies according to the period of activation required), the hospital stay can become "lighter" by keeping spirits up and life can be easier for those who wish to stay connected with family members, to the workplace and to continue the daily activities they regularly carry out online.

> The headphones help keep the hospital quiet and may be purchased at the "automated points of sale"

> A remote control wall mount to facilitate patient use

> A brief User Guide is available for users (on site or remote).