Characteristics of the “Medialife System”


The platform of our system, entirely designed and constructed in-house, is the result of decades of experience and industry knowledge of both the Public and Private Hospital sectors. It therefore is not an adaptation of systems which, although may be effective in the hotel industry, are incompatible with the requirements of the average user in Healthcare Facilities.
Maximum Flexibility
The systems and the management software designed and developed by us are tailored to meet specific technical requirements and additional services, taking into account the future needs of the Healthcare Facility and those of the user.

All this without being a financial or structural burden to the Hospital Corporation.



Hospitals are being transformed into health centres and are not merely evolving rapidly, but strongly competing against one another. Having a modern hospital service that offers top-quality entertainment is a key advantage. Increase in the level of the patients’ welfare is evident: it keeps them informed and distracts them from their problem. The nursing staff using our channels can make better use of time, offering an efficient and timely service. The projects are tailored to best serve the specific type of structure and patient rooms and are designed, thanks to the experience of our highly-trained personnel, to operate in very delicate environments such as that of the hospital. .

Some of the most important projects developed:


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Gaetano Pini